Freestyle Friday’s

In 2014 I did a segment called “Freestyle Friday’s” bi-weekly on the show that I had worked on previously, “Re-Play” again with John Lee.

Having had previous experience with both John Lee and on the radio station TBSefm I was asked back to do a new segment. 

So, what was "Freestyle Friday's"?

This show was exactly as it sounds freestyle, which meant I could choose any music subject I wanted. 


You can click below to read and listen to some of the music I talked about during the shows.

Rainbow – Rising

 Rising also known as Rainbow Rising is the second studio album from Rainbow, it was ranked number 48 in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time” in 2017.…

Do you know Long Tall Sally?

A year that seen Bob Dylan’s hour-long documentary film, Eat the Document, première at New York’s Academy of Music. The film included footage from Dylan’s 1966 UK tour. Also, the…

British Music Invasion of the 1960’s

The British Invasion was probably one of or possibly the most important areas in British music history. There were so many influential bands that literally invaded America in the 1960’s…

Mellow tracks for relaxing

The songs in this posts are all about being mellow and relaxing. I have chosen seven tracks for this list so I hope you enjoy my choice. SONG 1 –…

One Night in Bangkok

Also, this year after months of arguing, David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen to begin a solo career and Wham! becomes the first Western pop group to perform in China…