Freestyle Friday’s

In 2014 I did a segment called “Freestyle Friday’s” bi-weekly on the show that I had worked on previously, “Re-Play” again with John Lee.

Having had previous experience with both John Lee and on the radio station TBSefm I was asked back to do a new segment. 

So, what was "Freestyle Friday's"?

This show was exactly as it sounds freestyle, which meant I could choose any music subject I wanted. 


You can click below to read and listen to some of the music I talked about during the shows.

Rainbow – Rising

 Rising also known as Rainbow Rising is the second studio album from Rainbow, it was ranked number 48 in Rolling […]

Do you know Long Tall Sally?

A year that seen Bob Dylan’s hour-long documentary film, Eat the Document, première at New York’s Academy of Music. The […]

One Night in Bangkok

Also, this year after months of arguing, David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen to begin a solo career and Wham! becomes the first Western pop group to perform in China…