My story

My trip into the world of radio began back in 2013 on an English radio station in Seoul, Korea


In August of 2017 I contacted SineFM in the UK. I was lucky enough for them to offer me the opportunity of hosting my own show “Time Warp”.
I actually met Jon Kelly (that’s him (on the left) in the picture below) who I send all my shows to in 2019 for the first time!

Recording"Time Warp'
The tech stuff
Check out SineFM
With Jon Kelly from SineFM


My first opportunity on radio was back in 2013. I have been fortunate enough to have appeared on three separate shows on the English radio station TBSefm in Seoul, Korea.

  • Twice weekly on ‘The Steve Hatherly Show’
  • Bi-weekly on ‘John Lee’s’ ‘re:Play’ show with ‘Freestyle Friday’s’
  • Weekly spot on ‘1013 Main Street’, with ‘The Lone Ranker’
  • Weekly spot on ‘John Lee’s’ ‘re:Play’ show with ‘This is England’

The Number of Shows I've Done

'Time Warp'
'Freestyle Friday's'
'This is England'
Enthusiastic about great music

Listen to SineFM or My Playlist

Listen to my show “Time Warp'” every Thursday at 12pm (UK time) on SineFM Radio – just click on the

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