6 Great Tracks From Scottish Artists

Being a Scot I thought it would be appropriate for me to cover some Scottish bands on my blog.

The tracks in this post aren’t all obvious choices in fact there might even be a couple that you don’t know. I guess you could call them hidden classics. I am a huge fan of Bond films so we have a Bond theme song. We also have a Punk Rock band with a guitarist who would later front one of Scotland’s most loved bands. Continue reading

Songs I never get bored of

For this post I wanted to share some of the songs that I never get bored of listening to. everybody has a list like this whether it’s because the songs have a special meaning or perhaps they remind you of a particular time. Continue reading

Good or Bad I liked these songs

Good or bad I genuinely liked and like all the songs in today’s playlist and some I have quite an attachment to.

I have mentioned in previous posts about how some songs just stay with you and it doesn’t matter when you last heard them. Time almost stands still because you remember the words, the band members or the moment when you first heard the song. Continue reading

Did the film make the song or the song make the film?

As well as music I am also a great fan of film. I enjoy listening to film soundtracks, because of this I sometimes find myself listening to music I usually wouldn’t listen to just because it’s on a soundtrack of a film I like.

I have an interesting question for you in this post. “Did the film make the song or the song make the film?” Ask that question when you hear/read about the songs from today’s list. Continue reading