Six great British female vocalists

The women in British music have created some of the most outstanding and unique music.

I want to look at a synthpop duo from Basildon, Essex first called Yazoo but known as Yaz in America. I really like the voice of Alison Moyet and Yazoo were of great importance. The other part of the duo was the amazing Vince Clark.

We can’t talk about British women in music without mentioning Annie Lennox from Eurythmics. The sometimes wacky Kate Bush is one of my all time favorites. Kate Bush brought uniqueness with her music.

Do you remember we had a thing about big hair in the 80’s?  Well that made me think of this next lady Bonnie Tyler. In the late 80’s a woman appeared in the British charts who had yet another amazing voice in my opinion Tanita Tikaram. Her music keeps you in a calm mood. The final track is from a Scottish lady by the name of Sheena Easton.

Watch the videos of each song below:

Find out more details about each song below;

  1. Yazoo: ‘Don’t Go’ 1982
    • Alison Moyet has one of the most underrated voices of the 1980’s in my opinion.
    • She was born in England and has sold over 1 million singles.
    • Don’t Go reached no. 3 in the U.K. chart
    • Vince Clarke was originally in Depeche Mode and later Erasure (a powerhouse in British music).
    • This song has been sampled or covered 20 times over the years.
    • Yazoo were only active from 1981 to 1983 but remain a favorite of synthpop fans.
  2. Eurythmics: ‘Sweet Dreams’ (Are made of this) 1983
    • Annie Lennox who was born in Scotland a total of eight Brit Awards, including Best British Female Artist six times.
    • This was the breakthrough song for Eurythmics reaching number in the U.K. and number 1 in the U.S.
    • In the video Annie Lennox was striking with her short cropped orange hair.
    • She portrayed an androgynous visual image.
    • She went on to have an amazing solo career after Eurythmics split in 1990.
  3. Kate Bush: ‘Hammer Horror’ 1978
    • Kate Bush was born in England and first topped the U.K. chart at the age of 19 with her single “Wuthering Heights“.
    • Hammer Horror is a tribute to the British Hammer Horror films which were famous from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s starring Peter Cushion, Vincent Price
    • She is regarded as a recluse.
    • She has toured in 1979 and then gave a surprise tour in 2014 which sold out in just 15 minutes.
  4. Bonnie Tyler: ‘Holding out for a Hero’ 1984
    • Bonnie Tyler was born in Wales and came to prominence in 1977 with the release of The World Starts Tonight.
    • Holding out for a Hero appeared on the film soundtrack ‘Footloose’
    • This song has been on 15 soundtracks in total
    • Jim Steinman co-wrote this song. Steinman has also written for Meat Loaf and The Sisters of Mercy a great British rock band.
    • She represented the U.K. in the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden 2013.
    • You had to love that hair
  5. Tanita Tikaram: ‘Good Tradition’ 1988
    • Born in Munster Germany.
    • ‘Good Tradition’ was her first commercial success and she was only 19 at the time.
    • Taken from her first and most successful album ‘Ancient Heart’
    • I feel that she was a great addition to British music and wished she had had more commercial success.
  6. Sheena Easton: ‘For Your Eyes Only’ 1981
    • Sheena Easton was born in Scotland and is a six-time Grammy nominee in the U.S.
    • “For Your Eyes Only” is the theme tune to the 12th James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only
    • She rose to fame in the 80’s with tracks like “Strut“, “U Got the Look” and “The Arms of Orion” with Prince.
    • She has continued to record and has also appeared in films and television.
    • Sheena has 3 top 40 albums and 8 top 40 singles to date

I hope you enjoyed this list.

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