Review of the 2015 E.P. by Jenn Vix – Strange Buildings

Growing up in the eighties made me a fan of Post Punk, Synthpop and Electronic bands like Soft Cell and The Cure. If any of you follow my Instagram then you will know that I often post bands that I am listening to.

Recently I posted the single cover of the Soft Cell track ‘Torch’ and as usual I got a few likes. When this happens if someone likes the post that I don’t recognize I check out their Instagram posts as well and someone got my attention.


JennVix-StrangeBuildingsEPThe person was Jenn Vix. I checked out her Instagram, her bio mentioned that she had past collaborations with The Cure, David Bowie and The Psychedelic Furs all of whom I like musically. After clicking on her Facebook link I checked some of her posts.

After doing some more digging around the internet I found some of her music and WOW why hadn’t I discovered this amazing artist before?

Less than 30 minutes later I found myself on the site CDBaby deciding what to purchase from her catalog. The E.P. Strange Buildings got my attention, not really sure why, perhaps it was the blue filter over the photograph of a building.

The first track ‘The Woman With No Fear’ featuring John Ashton (former guitarist of the Psychedelic Furs) is quite frankly amazing.

A 2015 review of the E.P. on PopDose describes Vix’s music very well and better than I can;

The combination of crunchy guitars, strong melodies and some highly danceable beats add up to a great offering of songs.

The first track, accompanied by a video, is the highly tuneful “The Woman With No Fear” – powerful, interesting lyric and a sultry vocal that carries the song perfectly, especially on the chorus; “Don’t Let Go” has a pure early-’80’s kind of electro-dance feel with some sharp guitar stabs that fill the track and “Let Me In” carries me right back to the club days of my youth – I can imagine hearing this on the late, great WLIR.  Ms. Vix’s voice is a wonderful instrument on its own; warm and embracing, yet cooly sexy and it’s evident on this track.

All five songs fit together perfectly; the blend is just right – and at a time when high-quality releases are sorely needed, this E.P. comes along like a tonic.  I’ve enjoyed much of Jenn Vix’s music before but with the Strange Buildings E.P., she’s onto something truly special.

You can read the original review here

Here is the video for The Woman With No Fear – Jenn Vix and John Ashton

To finish with I just want to say that Jenn Vix is a truly amazing artist who I am happy to have discovered albeit a little late but I will definitely be purchasing the rest of her music catalog.

Check her out for yourself at CD Baby, you won’t regret it.

Also check out her website

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