Review of: Analogue Soul the new album from PentaSonic

pentasonic-analogue-soul-liam-luskSometimes you are completely unaware of what is in your own backyard which brings me to the latest album by PentaSonic – Analogue Soul. Based in Seoul, Korea. they are categorized as alternative disco, funk rock, jazz-funk, pop and soul on BandCamp.

After listening to their first album self-titled PentaSonic which definitely has the jazz-funk sound throughout I decided to try and find out a bit more about them.

Who are PentaSonic?

They are a four piece band, Ben Akers originally from the U.K. on vocals and guitar, with June Bae on bass, Ji-ho Chang playing the keyboards and Jin-Young Park on drums (New Zealander Alex Hodge plays drums on both albums). PentaSonic have been active on the Korean music since 2012.

What is their genre?

They are categorized as alternative disco, funk rock, jazz-funk, pop and soul on BandCamp. I feel that the jazz/funk sound is dominant in their music to date which perhaps shows some influence from Jamiroquai which is most definitely a compliment. The vocals of Akers are a perfect fit for the musical style of the band.

Where might you have heard them?

PentaSonic had a 15-month residency at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seoul, were semi-finalists in the regional Hard Rock Rising competition and have been playing international rock festivals in Korea since 2013. They have had airplay in Korea on EBS eFM, KBS Cool FM radio, TBS eFM and KBS Top Band 3.

I checked out their web site and discovered they were just about to release their second album ‘Analogue Soul’. I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy of the album and here is my review.

‘Analogue Soul’ is a ten track album which is three more songs than their first album ‘PentaSonic’ and Akers is the main songwriter followed by Bae and then Chang. The three years between albums has created a more solid sound with clear identity.

The ten tracks are:

  1. Analogue Soul(Akers / Chang / Bae) 
  2. Love Enough (Akers)
  3. Distance and Time (Akers)
  4. 2 Birds 1 Stone (Akers)
  5. Star Trek (Akers / Chang) 
  6. Just Once (Akers / Bae)
  7. Fools Like Us (Akers / Bae) 
  8. All The Funk We Need (Akers)
  9. We’re Gonna Make It (Akers / Bae)
  10. Funktional (Akers) 

The album opens with the title track Analogue Soul which incorporates a definite jazz vibe telling the story of analogue verses the digital world. With a memorable chorus this is a strong opening for their new release.

Distance and Time is one of the more gentle songs on the album with well written lyrics that Akers voice gives passion to. This is a great inspirational track that will pick you up.

Fools Like Us has a great funk sound that immediately grabs you from the beginning and entraps you until the final note. It does what a song should – it keeps you tapping your feet and some of you might even get up and start moving around to the great funk sound.

My personal favorite is the final track Funktional, with a gentle beginning the song gathers momentum. A great final track that in my opinion seems to bring everything that is great about this album into one song.

Analogue Soul shows a band that has matured (positively) in both writing and musicianship and if you haven’t heard this band yet head over to Band Camp and check out their two albums.

Get Analogue Soul here

Get PentaSonic here

Visit the PentaSonic website here



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