PentaSonic Interview – August 2016

I had the pleasure of interviewing the funk rock band ‘PentaSonic’ shortly after the release of their second album ‘Analogue Soul’.

Based in Seoul, Korea they are a four piece band, Ben Akers on vocals and guitar, June Bae on bass, Ji-Ho Chang playing keyboards and Jin-Young Park behind the drums.

After watching them play a set at Liberty a new venue in Apugjeong, Seoul we all sat down for the interview. I have only shown excerpts below from the main interview questions, for the full interview listen in the video below.

How did you get together as a band? 00:47

June wanted to get a band together for a competition four years ago. They each arrived at a studio separately and thats when things came together. Listen to more from 00:47

What music do you listen to? 03:50

A mixture of acid jazz and rock ranging from the Brand New Heavies to Bon Jovi. To get a real understanding of what PentaSonic listen to – Listen from 03:50

What inspired you to take up music? 06:25

For Ben it was Bon Jovi who inspired him and for June it was Queen, find out more details – Listen from 06:25

You’ve just released your second album ‘Analogue Soul’, how would you compare it to your self-titled first album? 10:02

Having been together since 2012 they feel their second album shows them as a band that has matured in musicianship and writing. Listen from 10:02

Who are PentaSonic?

Here we find out more about who the band are as regular people.

Name your three favorite films? 13:30

Ranging from animation to Star Wars find it who likes what. Listen from 13:30

Who or what makes you laugh? 19:20

Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and an ongoing tv feud? Listen from 19:20

Who would you like to collaborate with? 23:13

This question was quickly sabotaged into “Let’s create a super band”, still a cool answer. Listen from 23:13

What does the next six months look like for PentaSonic? 26:39

A possible residency at a new venue, perhaps a trip to Japan and more gigs. Listen from 26.39

Do you have any stories from the industry that you would like to share? 29:28

A sensibly careful answer but still very juicy. Listen from 29:28

Where can people find out more about PentaSonic? 31:26

You can find out more about PentaSonic at:

You can get their music at:

A huge thank you to PentaSonic for taking the time to grant me this interview.

Make sure to check out the band on their website and support them by buying their music from BandCamp.

Watch the full interview video below:

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