My new radio show ‘Time Warp’ on Sine FM

I’m very excited and honoured to be given the opportunity to have a new show on Sine FM, a radio station based in Doncaster, England.

Who are Sine FM?

Sine FM is an award winning Doncaster radio station and has over 70 presenters who offer an array of different shows every day.

To support the station of course you can listen to their shows and also follow them through social media on their Facebook Group or Twitter.

You can also make a donation via PayPal.

What is Time Warp?

My new show will be called ‘Time Warp’ and it will be aired for the first time on Thursday 10th August at 12pm (U.K. time). Make sure you tune into the first show over the internet at Sine FM.

The new show takes you through a time warp into different periods of music, not only with great tracks from the time but also interesting trivia about the songs and the music genre itself.

The first show is about the Mod Revival in the late 1970’s and features some great music from the period as well as music from legends that inspired the revival.

I would like to thank Sine FM for giving me the opportunity of appearing on their radio station and please support them by listening in.

Look out for my next post that will have the playlist for the show.

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