My return to Tbs eFM Radio in Seoul

I returned to Tbs eFM radio on 7th March 2016 as a segment guest on The Steve Hatherly Show. Although I worked on the show 1013 Main Street back in 2014 I am more used to music shows due to my experience on the show Re:Play with John Lee back in 2013/14.

I have a great love for radio and feel lucky to again be given the opportunity to return to Tbs eFM Radio in Seoul.

Saying that, I have a lot of fun on the show.

I am a segment guest on both Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we have fun conversations and debates with segments called ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Tips & How To’s’. On Friday we go into the past with ‘Flashback Friday’s’ and have fun with ‘Beat the Clock’.

The show is light hearted and fun to do, I am lucky enough to work with a great team on air. As well as Steve the host I’m also on air with Alexis and Joan.

The show is on air every day and for a schedule of what you can listen to each day you can visit ‘The Steve Hatherly Show’ page on the TBS site here

Why not listen in?

  • Download the TBS app from Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store
  • Listen on 101.3
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