How to Learn English by Reading

I have lost count of the amount of times students who are studying English have asked me ‘How do I improve my reading skill?’

read-books-liam-lusk-english-learningI believe that I have a really good way to help you improve your reading skill and it’s very simple to do. If you use this method you will improve your vocabulary, understanding and reading skills.

This is what you need to do.

Book Choice

Choosing the right book is very important, if you choose the wrong book your English ability will not improve and you will have wasted your time.

1. Choose a book for a 12 or 14 year old (this will be of intermediate level).

2. Don’t choose an adult book it will be too hard.

3. Choose a book that you’re interested in.

4. I would suggest a fantasy book – they are more descriptive.

Once you have chosen a good book you have to use it correctly so you can improve your English ability.


Make sure that you follow the method otherwise it won’t work.

1. Have a highlighter pen available.

2. Have an English – English dictionary available.

3. Read for a maximum of 15 minutes per day – no more.

4. Highlight any words or phrases that you don’t understand.

5. Try to work the meaning out using the surrounding sentence.

6. Then check in your dictionary.

7. If you have an English teacher you could also ask them.

Don’t make the mistake of reading more than suggested, if you do you will begin to dislike the task and you won’t improve.

Here are some actions for you.

1. Buy a book for your level.

2. Follow the method above.


I hope you found this tip helpful.

Happy reading.



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