6 Great Tracks From Scottish Artists

Being a Scot I thought it would be appropriate for me to cover some Scottish bands on my blog.

The tracks in this post aren’t all obvious choices in fact there might even be a couple that you don’t know. I guess you could call them hidden classics. I am a huge fan of Bond films so we have a Bond theme song. We also have a Punk Rock band with a guitarist who would later front one of Scotland’s most loved bands.

While looking for this posts songs I found two bands that I previously hadn’t listened to but have been listening to since.

We also have some Indie Rock and New-Wave in today’s post. I hope you enjoy the list.

Lulu – ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ – 1974

The Vaselines – ‘Son of A Gun’ – 1987

Aztec Camera – ‘Oblivious’ – 1983

The Skids – ‘The Saints Are Coming’ – 1978

The Bluebells – ‘Young At Heart’ – 1984

Deacon Blue – ‘Real Gone Kid’ – 1988

Want to learn more about each song? Read on …

  1. Lulu – ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ – 1974
    • The first song on today’s list is from possibly the most famous female vocalist to come out of Scotland – Lulu.
    • By 1974 Lulu was a household name in the U.K. and this song solidified this even more.
    • The Man With The Golden Gun is the theme song for the 1974 James Bond film of the same name starring Roger Moore.
    • Lulu began her career at the age of 12 or 13 with a band called the Bellrocks.
    • At the age of fifteen in 1964 Lulu released probably her best known song Shout.
    • Lulu can be placed in the musical genres Pop, Pop-Rock and Blue-Eyed Soul.
    • Over the years she has released 15 studio albums, 10 compilation albums and a staggering 69 singles.
    • She still performs today.
  2. The Vaselines – ‘Son of A Gun’ – 1987 
    • This is the gem of today’s playlist for me.
    • Released in 1987 by The Vaselines ‘Son of a Gun’ reached 26 in the U.K. Indie chart.
    • The song was also released on an EP (extended play) with two other songs “Rory Rides Me Raw” and “You Think You’re a Man”.
    • This particular track is regarded as Indie Rock although their musical genre also falls into Alternative Rock and Indie Pop.
    • The song was covered by Nirvana on their Incesticide album.
    • The Vaselines are still performing.
  3. Aztec Camera – ‘Oblivious’ – 1983
    • Formed in 1980 the band released six studio albums over fifteen years.
    • The single Oblivious was their most successful track reaching number 18 on a second release also in 1983.
    • The bands biggest hit was ‘Somewhere in My Heart’ which reached number 3 on the U.K. singles chart in 1988.
    • Roddy Frame (vocalist, guitar and harmonica) was the only consistent member of the band.
    • Aztec Camera broke up in 1995 after their sixth album Frestonia failed to chart.
  4. The Skids – ‘The Saints Are Coming’ – 1978
    • The Skids formed in 1977 as a Punk Rock band.
    • Released in 1978 ‘The Saints Are Coming’ was their third single and featured on their debut album ‘Sacred To Dance’ released in 1979.
    • In 2006 Green Day and U2 collaborated to release the song for charity post Hurricane Katrina.
    • The Skids were together until 1982 but reformed in 2007 until 2010.
    • One of the founding members of the band Stuart Adamson left in 1981 to form the much loved band Big Country.
    • The band released four studio albums. 
  5. The Bluebells – ‘Young At Heart’ – 1984
    • Released in 1984 ‘Young At Heart’ was taken from their album ‘Sisters’.
    • Originally the song was released by ‘Bananarama’ in 1982.
    • In 1993 ‘Young At Heart’ was released again after being featured in a British TV advertisement although at this time the band weren’t together.
    • The band had reasonable success in the 1980’s but were often compared to rival Scottish bands Aztec Camera and Orange Juice.
    • The Bluebells reformed in 2008 with three original members – the McCluskey brothers and Bobby Bluebell.
  6. Deacon Blue – ‘Real Gone Kid’ – 1988
    • Our final band on this list formed in 1985. Their name was taken from the title of the Steely Dan song “Deacon Blues”.
    • Their first album Raintown released in 1987 was commercially successful.
    • The song ‘Real Gone Kid’ was taken from their second album ‘When The World Knows Your Name’ and reached number 8 in the U.K. chart.
    • Initially the band were together from 1985 to 1994 but reformed in 1999 and continue to perform.

I hope you enjoyed the list, if you did please share through your social media.

Thanks for reading

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